• Survivors and activists workshop

    Excluding the voices of marginalised, refugee women who have experienced sexual violence in conflict is against principles of International law to maintain the human dignity of all. Following the regional trainers workshop, between February 20-21, 2020, we ran a workshop with survivors of CRSV to understand their experiences and discuss how their voices could be amplified in activism, research and policy. Participants were engaged by grassroot Community Based Organisations and NGOs who work with survivors of sexual and gender based violence from the Lord's Resistance Army’s insurgency in northern Uganda (1987-2006).


    In order to provide a safe space for survivors, only a handful of participants from the state, civil society and academia were invited. These included:

    three academics from the school of law and an expert in storytelling from Makerere’s literature department; a police officer working in the gender division; a human rights lawyer; a translator from the grassroots organisation JRP who work with survivors; a former lawmaker/MP in both the Ugandan and East Africa legislative bodies; and, a psychologist.


    Our intention was to provide a safe space where survivors could share their experiences in their own words. To capture these stories in an accessible form that maintained survivors’ dignity, Ugandan illustrator King (@King_Est94) documented their experiences in illustrative form.


    To understand more about our approach and creative methodologies click here.